NC Designs Studio delivers effective solutions in web development using practical conventions, industry best practices, and the latest software applications. We provide web consultation throughout the life of a project because we strive to work WITH you.

You have a fantastic vision for a website, but coding it is not your thing. Submit your specs and/or design and let's discuss how we can optimize and build it.

Please forward any inquiries to

“My Portfolio”

I'll be honest – “My Portfolio” is not a showcase of award winning work, but it defines what I value as a professional. It's a presentation of lasting relationships that I have nurtured throughout my career. Clients depend on me and in return I am provided with the opportunity to do what I love – build the web.


In case you're interested in my preferences and recommendations:

Persons of Interest

  • Chris Coyer : CSS Expert & Contributor
  • Paul Irish : JS Expert & Contributor
  • Peter Koche : General Web Expert
  • Larry Ullman : PHP Expert
  • John Resig : JS Expert

Workflow Tools

  • OS : OSX Mavericks
  • Browser : Google Chrome
  • Text Editor : Sublime Text 3

Geek Resources

  • Stackerflow
  • CSS Tricks
  • W3Schools

+ Me

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My Business Card

Nelson Correia
NC Designs Studio

Behance Portfolio
16 Record Street
Stoughton, MA, 02072

I can't gaurantee timely communication always, but I am committed to following up with proposals and/or inquiries.

I believe that social media is a great opportunity for sharing knowledge, so every now and again I share some practical tips on the NC Designs Studio blog. I'm glad to answer any questions.

I look forward to helping you.