Web Design? Sure…

…But I prefer to build the web.


NC Designs Studio delivers effective solutions in web development using practical conventions, industry best practices, and the latest software applications. We provide web consultation throughout the life of a project because we strive to work WITH you.

You have a fantastic vision for a website, but coding it is not your thing. Submit your specs and/or design and let's discuss how we can optimize and build it.

Please forward any inquiries to nelson@ncdesigns-studio.com.

“My Portfolio”

I'll be honest – “My Portfolio” is not a showcase of award winning work, but it defines what I value as a professional. It's a presentation of lasting relationships that I have nurtured throughout my career. Clients depend on me and in return I am provided with the opportunity to do what I love – build the web.


In case you're interested in my preferences and recommendations:

Persons of Interest

  • Chris Coyer : CSS Expert & Contributor
  • Paul Irish : JS Expert & Contributor
  • Peter Koche : General Web Expert
  • Larry Ullman : PHP Expert
  • John Resig : JS Expert

Workflow Tools

  • OS : OSX Mavericks
  • Browser : Google Chrome
  • Text Editor : Sublime Text 3

Geek Resources

  • Stackerflow
  • CSS Tricks
  • W3Schools

+ Me

Add Me, follow Me, invite Me…“Contact Me”.

I can't gaurantee timely communication ALWAYS, but I am committed to following up with proposals and/or inquiries.

I believe that social media is a great opportunity for sharing knowledge, so every now and again I share some practical tips and I'm glad to answer any questions.

I look forward to helping you.