01 July 2019

Taking Care of Errors

I’m thinking of a tune. For those of you that have figured it out, it is how I envisioned starting this post.

As I continue to optimize my own site, one concept becomes really evident. It is vital for developers to have the skills to work through errors. It’s certainly interesting to explore the practicalities of using cutting edge CSS such as Grid, but there is a somewhat dark side to coding.

When site building goes wrong I think it takes wisdom of failures to know how to resolve things properly. Where does one look when that one change caused a ripple effect to all instances of ‘$’? A variable is no longer defined - was a resource loaded out of sequence?

At times, finding a quick fix, may be the only option, but it is important to understand the root cause and the concept. Personally, I find that understanding to be just as gratifying as showing off my Grid skills.